Monday, October 1, 2012

Writing what I know about

I have made a lot of first tries into writing a blog. 

It's been painful for me and mostly silent for anyone else since I have not shared the links or site names. God forbid anyone actually see any of the made up stuff I've said in the past. Hopefully the "delete blogs" button has worked and no one will need to be embarrassed by what I've written before. 

So I'm interesting in making another run at it. This time though instead of writing something deep and meaningful about my personal life, I'm going to write about something I think I have a good amount of knowledge on.


I had a couple of fans who have made a point of telling me how much they like to talk about TV with me when I visit them on account calls with my job. We talk business for a half hour and then we settle into the more vital and personal subject of what we are watching during the time we are not thinking about work. It's probably the best part of my job when we get down to something that we both enjoy and can talk about at length. That being the case, I'm going to extend this blog into more than just TV. I'll post about movies, music, books and games that I know about and may possibly have something to say. It may be re-visits of things I've seen or heard in the past and will most likely not be current except by luck or if something has caught my eye that is brand new and I think is fun to talk about. 

I hope if you find something interesting or conversation worthy, you'll chime in on the comments. Admittedly, if you are commenting that you think I'm an idiot, I may block your comments. I can't have too many people call me an idiot in one day if they don't like my opinion on my entertainment choices.