Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 5 Entertainment Realizations

These are my top 5 entertainment realizations.

  1. I missed a lot of music by believing myself to be a supporter of the counter-culture of popular music. I have been pretty high strung over my whole life and my musical tastes are not different. I've always managed my outside view of music based upon liking something because no one else did. Inside I was waiting for it to make sense but God forbid I listen to something because of the way it sounded regardless of who made it. I can only blame this on myself but there are outside influences in this one. I will never love/hate/obsess over a band/artist as much as some of the superfans. I cannot make them happy with my fake devotion therefore I'm going to quit trying to. At the same time, I still don't like some artists. Namely Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie. 
  2. I've spent too much of my music-loving life hating artists because of their world view. My best example of this is U2. After watching him be a pompous ass for so many years, I refused to listen to anything they did. I quit listening at Joshua Tree. I am dumb. 
  3. There is still good music currently being made. Just because I don't enjoy listening to it doesn't mean it's not good. It's just not something I choose to listen to. Look around some good music blogs and you'll find something that you can love again. It will most likely not be minted in the same year you graduated high school. It's okay to love new things. 
  4. I still don't like feel good movies of the year. October Sky is something I just can't stomach. There has to be some kind of tragedy for a movie to make me feel good. Queue Shawshank Redemption. That being said, I do like the anti-hero movie. I have a type. Unbreakable is the greatest movie to me due to the fact that it's still a super-hero movie with some level of reality tied to it. I can suspend my disbelief of superpowers and mutations but struggle to love the every-man of October Sky making a rocket and not becoming a coal miner. 
  5. I have read less than I ever have in my life and I am more dumb due to it. I quit reading books about the time I moved to LA. I think it is because it doesn't calm me down enough and my brain still works. I also find myself using word likes gooder and more better because of it.